• The optimal energy efficiency of the fan motor is also realized by the inverter control.
  • The permanent magnet IPM motor improves the efficiency by 5%.
  • The increase of air amount is efficiently controlled by the optimal pressure (option).
  • Ideal water lubrication system.
  • The water lubrication is simple and environmentally friendly.
  • The newly adopted IT touch panel enables smooth operation and control.

Model i-14055A-R
Items Unit
Power frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power source voltage 50/60Hz, V 200 / 200・220
Free air delivery m3/min 9.5(11.8)※
Delivered air pressure MPa 0.7 (0.39)※
Capacity control method   Constant pressure control by inverter
Intake conditions   Atmospheric pressure(2~40℃)
Main motor power kW 55
Motor type   8p, totally enclosed fan cooled  IPM motor
Starter   Inverter starter
Drive system   Direct coupled motor
Cooling system   Air cooled
Fan motor power kW 7.5 (Inverter control)
Lubrication water volume L 65
Dryer Air dew point at outlet 10(under applied pressure)*
Refrigerant   R-410A
Discharge pipe diameter R 2
[out dryer]
mm 2450[2005]×1190×1800
Total mass (dry ) kg
Noise level [OP1.5m] dB・A

Cautions:Dryer of low-pressure specifications(factory option)shall be a separate type. Please contact us for dryer dimensions and mass.
Values in ( )* are the free air delivery for 0.39 MPa specification(factory option)

* Values with an ambient temperature of 30°C and rated discharge pressure

◎ 380 / 400 / 440 V option is also available
◎ Noise values measured in a noiseless environment at a distance of 1.5 m from the front, at height of 1 m, with a load of 60 to 100%. (at 0.7 MPa)
◎ Specifications for 15 to 45 kW water-cooled unit available on request (factory option).

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