• With an inverter installed, total energy saving measures can be taken.
  • The environmentally friendly water lubrication compressor without using oil at all (optimal for ISO 14000).
  • Since water performs lubrication, sealing and cooling, high efficiency is achieved by ideal isothermal compression.
  • Direct-coupled driving achieves the highest efficiency in its class, and the water lubrication saves maintenance work.
  • Low noise, less vibration, slower rotation, and low temperature.
  • Optimum for plants and large-scale factories.

Model i-14100W
Items Unit
Power frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power source voltage V 400
Free air delivery m3/min 17.4 (19.9)*
Delivered air pressure MPa 0.7 (0.39)*
Pressure control method   Constant pressure control by inverter
Intake air pressure& temperature   Atmospheric pressure (2~40℃)
Main motor power kW 100
Motor type   Totally enclosed fun cooled IPM motor
Starter   Inverter starter
Drive system   Direct coupled motor
Cooling system   Water cooled
Fan motor power kW 0.15 / 0.22
Lubrication water amount L 135
Cooling water volume
(water temp.32℃)
L/min 250
Dryer Air dew point at outlet Installed separately (option)
Refrigerator power kW
Discharge pipe diameter R JIS 10k 3B (80A) flange
Total mass (dry ・out dryer) kg 2,100
Noise level [OP1.5m] dB・A 65 ~ 67
W×L×H(body・out dryer) mm 2750×1200×1800

Cautions:Dryer of low-pressure specifications(factory option)shall be a separate type. Please contact us for dryer dimensions and mass.
Values in ( )* are the free air delivery for 0.39 MPa specification(factory option)
◎Noise values measured in a noiseless environment at a distance of 1.5 m from the front, at height of 1m, with a load of 60 to 100%(at 0.7 MPa)
◎Cooling water volume (water temp. 32°C): 250ℓ/min;

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