• An ideal energy saving compressor.
  • The compressing efficiency is drastically enhanced by the adoption of the compressor dedicatedly developed for each model.
  • Installation of the inverter realizes total energy saving.
  • There is no waste because the air of required pressure is taken only for the necessary volume with minimum power.
  • Although small, the direct-couple driving with the motor increases the air volume and reduces the maintenance work.

Model ZV08AS4-R
Items Unit
Power frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power source voltage V 200 / 200・220
Free air delivery m3/min 1.2
Delivered air pressure MPa 0.7 ( 0.60 ~ 0.93 )
Capacity control method   Constant pressure control by inverter
Intake air pressure & temperature Atmospheric pressure(2 ~ 40℃)
Main motor power kW 7.5
Motor type   3-phase squirrel case、2P totally enclosed external fan
Starter   Inverter starter
Drive system   Direct coupled motor
Cooling system   Air cooled
Fan motor power kW 0.4 (Inverter control)
Oil fill ration L 10
Dryer Air dew point at outlet 10(under applied pressure)*
Refrigerant   R-407C
Discharge pipe diameter R 3/4
W×L×H (body) mm 905×705×1400
Total mass (dry ) kg 430
Noise level [OP1.5m] dB・A 52

Cautions: Dryer of low-pressure specifications (option) shall be a separate type. Please contact us for dryer dimensions and mass.

* Values with an ambient temperature of 30; and rated discharge pressure.

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