• Z-screw compressor made by our precise machining technology which has experience of more than 70 years achieves the best balance available in the industry.
  • The body layout can be made compact owing to the direct-couple driving. The compressor and the motor are directly coupled and driven, without using belts or accelerators, thus eliminating energy loss.
  • Compressors are developed dedicatedly for each model, realizing the largest discharge air volume in its class. To achieve the best efficiency, the compressor which best matches each motor output is selected and installed, thus achieving energy saving.
Model Z375AX-R Z376AX-R
Items Unit
Power frequency Hz 50 60
Power source voltage V 200 200・220
Free air delivery m3/min 6.9
Delivered air pressure MPa 0.7
Capacity control method   Power-saving AUCS Automatic start/stop selection
Intake air pressure & temperature Atmospheric pressure(2 ~ 40℃)
Main motor power kW 37
Motor type   3-phase squirrel cage、
2P totally- enclosed external fan
Starter   3-contactor、star delta start
Drive system   Direct coupled motor
Cooling system   Air cooled
Fan motor power kW 2.2
Oil fill ration L 20
Dryer Air dew point at outlet 10(under applied pressure)*
Refrigerant   R-410A
Discharge pipe diameter R 1・1/2
W×L×H (body) mm 1750 (1550) ×750×1550
Total mass (dry ) kg 970
Noise level [OP1.5m] dB・A 59


* Values with an ambient temperature of 30; and rated discharge pressure.

◎ We have 0.83 / 0.88 / 0.93 MPa version (option). Please contact us for details.
◎ Noise values measured in a noiseless environment at a distance of 1.5 m from the front, at height of 1 m, with a load of 100% (at 0.7 MPa)
◎ Specification water- cooled unit available on request (option).

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